Blog #01. Less words and more work, on the new look NewEdge site.

by Evan Oliver

June 9th, 2023

A year since launching our practice into the world, we’ve landed at, a website that showcases the brands and projects that we’re proud to have delivered in the last 12 months.

From idea to identity, we let the brand do the talking and throughout our site you’ll see demonstrations of our work that attempts to do just that.

We’ve worked on some great projects and built some great brands, more importantly we’ve worked with some genuinely good people and we’ve made it our mission to tell the stories of those people through the work that we do with them.

Whether you’re building a brand with us or attempting to do it alone, it should be personal and authentic. Your brand should be true to your roots, to your background and to the journey you’ve been on in starting your business or organisation. It can be stretched and tweaked along the way, amplifying the parts of your personality that may be most attractive to your desired audience.

When you choose to build your brand with NewEdge you choose to do so with real people, with real personalities. We’d like to think that we make what can be a puzzling process more enjoyable and rewarding, by offering you a helping hand on your journey of self discovery and the resulting self expression.

As a team of young and high energy individuals, we live in the sweet spot between dedicating ourselves to our work and finding the time to have a good time. Enjoying what we do means that we’re working in an environment where both creative and client can enjoy the process.

We’re now based in Brixton full-time, one of London’s loudest and most vibrant districts that has creative expression in its roots. We’re here to craft identity, build brands and tell more stories, it already feels like a great place to be doing all of that and grow our studio in the process.

You can find us at The Department Stores on Bellefield Road, you’re always welcome to swing by. Whether you’re looking to build a brand from scratch, discuss something you’re working on or just have a quick chat, the coffee’s on us.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us along the way, as we’ve quickly built our small practice into the studio that we are today. Hopefully, things are just getting started…

We’re building things in Brixton. Come and say hello, the coffee's on us.

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