What is pogl

pogl is the consumer focused gaming brand, developed by NewEdge for mobile gaming developers, Live Tech Games.

Live Tech Games are pioneering a new wave of mobile entertainment. Creating online gaming experiences that bring people together, regardless of who or where they are. With investment from ITV, they are set to disrupt the live gaming sector, on an international level.

The Brief

LTG got in touch with NewEdge when they needed to develop a new consumer facing brand for their live gaming app, ahead of their 2022 US launch. LTG were on a mission to create online gaming experiences that appealed to mass audiences, rather than just gamers, and they needed a brand that encapsulated that mission and more.

What we got up to...

Our team got involved at the very start of pogl’s journey, leading a set of structured workshops with their internal creative team to build the essence, personality and purpose of the brand. We helped the founding team to come up with the name for their new brand and then worked closely with their talented in-house designers to create their logo and full brand guidelines.

The Brand

Live Tech Games’ NewEdge consumer facing brand, pogl, is both warm and uplifting with a competitive edge. As per the brief, the brand has made games truly accessible to non-gamers and the masses, attracting a wide consumer base and building the company’s presence in the US, to match the progress made by LTG in the UK.

NewEdge Studio - NewEdge Studio -

‘In pogl, we now have a brand that is loved by all of our players and customers. Thank you Evan for your support, guidance and inspiration, we’ll be using NewEdge again when we launch our next game!’

Nathan Moore

LTG Co-Founder at pogl

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