What is CardChef

CardChef is a digital service that allows culinary creators to monetise their audience by selling physical recipe cards. Digital food and cookery influencers can create an account, upload their recipes and then sell their recipe cards to their audience. CardChef aims to create a physical connection between the online creator and the home cooks in their audience.

The Brief

The CardChef team came to NewEdge having used SimpleSuite to build a landing page and prototype software for their service. They tasked us with adding some personality to their brand and creating an eye catching visual identity that could compete in the home cooking and meal kit market.

What we got up to...

We worked with the CardChef founders to create a captivating and vibrant brand identity for CardChef. As a result of a series of structured workshops, we delivered comprehensive brand guidelines that the team could utilise when taking both their digital and physical propositions to market. Further, we developed a launch campaign, aimed at grabbing attention across social media and out of home.

The Brand

The CardChef brand goes against the conventions of cooking, both in a literal sense in comparison to other brands in the space and their visual identities. With a bright and bold focus on love and intimacy, the visual identity positions CardChef as a differentiator in a rapidly crowding home cooking market.

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'I loved working with the NewEdge team. They took our ideas and ran with them, creating an eye catching brand that has become a talking point with customers, clients and partners.'

Morgan Williams

Founder at CardChef

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