What is ShinyMind

ShinyMind is an NHS backed wellness and self-development app, empowering employees to address mental well-being issues head on. The ShinyMind app delivers personalised psychotherapy to individuals, helping them overcome personal challenges both at home and at the workplace.

The Brief

The ShinyMind team needed our assistance in bringing their brand to life across their social channels, with campaigning that utilised messaging for both B2B and B2C audiences. Content needed to stay in line with their friendly and relaxed Brand Guidelines, elevate their warm messaging and include key factual information and proprietary research backed statistics.

What we got up to...

Our team took the pre-existing ShinyMind brand guidelines and used the key themes and visual elements to develop content for their social channels and beyond. We utilised their extensive, NHS backed, research into mental wellbeing to shine a light on some key contentious workplace issues, whilst balancing this with uplifting and positive messaging throughout.

The Brand

ShinyMind’s NewEdge social content brings their brand to life. We delivered consistency to their messaging and told their brand story and mission, whilst leaning on their extensive research to elevate their status as a true market leader and capitalise on their partnership with the NHS. ShinyMind original Brand & Creative is by Elias and Co.

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